Siri in App Control

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Note: Siri in App Control Shortcuts behave differently from Apple Shortcuts that are built using the Shortcuts app.  If you wish to create a Shortcut that runs in the background please see the instructions for 'Apple Shortcut Control'

Siri in App Control are Apple Shortcuts that open the LiveKey app and run a specific command.  You can use these to voice enable any LiveKey action.  

Setting Siri in App Control Shortcuts:

Step 1: Select any Item, Group or Routine within the LiveKey app


Step 2: Select Voice Actions and then select 'Add to Siri'


Step 3: Select 'Change Voice Phrase' to your liking (optional), then select 'Done'


Step 4: You can say 'Hey Siri... (use the voice phrase from Step 3)

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